"Where Rock Stars Begin."

Record labels are obsolete. We are here to disrupt them. More and more artist are realizing the power of the digital web age. They understand what we do, artists can be as successful without a label; they can build their own fanbase; they can build their own campaigns; they can book their own shows and plan tours—in turn, venues can book acts that they want to work with and avoid the middle-men who drive up price and waste time; they can release and sell their own music. The music industry is set to be disrupted. The world needs us. We give artists the tools that are relevant to the zeitgeist; the Limelight makes it realistic and financially viable for the aspiring music makers to raise awareness and gain public opinion—far cheaper than it has ever been.

Take Your Show on The Road!

The Limelight was founded to help artists build a fan-base, while making it easier for music fans to find high quality music and shows. We leverage our music business experiences and relationships to add value to our site users. The Limelight is an artist development platform. We help artists to take the next step in their careers, by providing them networking opportunities, shows, promotion, label submissions, radio, DJ, PR, management or consulting, depending on their needs.
Users are able to create shows and tours and post them to their profiles. These shows will be shareable to popular social networks.
This tool makes it easier for music fans to discover new local talent and attend their shows and tours. The Limelight is the LinkedIn for the music industry.


Wayne is an excellent leader with passion and drive for whatever project he's involved in. His initiative is like no other and Wayne really knows how to network and get things done. With my band, he has helped increase our exposure ten-fold. His work includes marketing for our Christmas album, video production for our performances, securing gigs at pageants, showcases, and the Apollo, and connecting us with Grammy-nominated songwriters, producers and executives. There is no other person you'd want on your team than Wayne! He will fight for you and see your success through until the end.

-Julian Booker, Gold Shades